iOrder, the pioneer product of IDS, is built for businesses wanting to automate their sales ordering processes. Your sales force and customers from any part of the world could access to your store anytime and most importantly at their convenience. No more sitting in front of computer waiting for web store pages loading for catalogue, adding items to cart and checkout. Anyone could place an order anytime with a phone or tablets on hand. Saving, reviewing, submitting order is a breeze.

Most importantly, with the volume that business is going to have from mobile sales, we ensure all orders could be processed as soon as they are received. The orders are uploaded to ERP solutions directly and yes, no more entering of orders. Sales approval and processing as soon as orders are in.

Product Features & Functions

Online/offline ordering
User could place order using the apps even when not connected to the internet. It saves all orders to be reviewed or submitted later.
Catalogue view and list view for ease of use
User could choose to browse through products via the catalogue or to order from the list view.
Real time processing and info update
Processing of transactions and info is real time basis when connected to the web.
Integration to Sage ERP modules
Seamless integration to your existing Sage ERP modules. No transactions processing relearning process as transactions entry processed by existing sub-ledgers. Hence, no additional human resources required for data entry.
Improved Efficiency
Saving your sales order processing team from reentering all transactions.
Sales Approval
Sales approval process to ensure all orders are approved based on the credit info.
Product Catalogue Portal
Products images are managed and kept within the same ERP solution for ease of backup and maintenance.